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Викладач по Скайпу Welgin: Англійська мова

Викладач по Скайпу Welgin: Англійська мова

Вік: 27 років

Носій мови. Заняття рекомендуються при рівні студентів pre-intermediate і вище.

Мова: Англійська.
Викладає з 2019 року.

I am an English teacher with many years of experience. I graduated from the university with a degree in Teacher Education. I have been teaching English since 2019. I am 120-hour TEFL & 150-hour TESOL certified and obtain a Teacher's Licensed. All my students are purposeful and motivated people. I tried a range of methods and techniques in teaching which would really help students to learn in a more fun and interactive way. I also have the ability to shape lessons according to the needs of my students.

I am a patient, energetic, flexible and engaging person. My hobbies are swimming, traveling, singing local and international songs, and listening to music.